Friday, September 30, 2011

Desert Rose - Frenley, NV

We pulled out early in the morning headed to Winnemucca NV which was 200 miles away but as we got closier we made the decision to go all the way to Frenley, Yeah.  That meant another 150 miles to go so we pressed on.

We arrived around 5pm and got set up.  We were lucky to get a spot in the Desert Rose as there was a waiting list because it was the only camp ground in Frenley that Amazon will use.  Originally we had a spot in Fallon which was 25 miles away but about 2 weeks ago we got the call that they had a spot for us in Frenley and we jumped on it. 

The CG doesn't have any amenities other than a clubhouse with laundry, restrooms/showers and a small area with sofa, table and TV.  The staff is very friendly and helpful. 

We are located in the very back of the CG where there is only 2 spots, us and the lady next to us who is permanent, but she isn't here much which works out good.  We have a gravel site with of course full hook ups.  The advantage with not being up front on a cement pad with grass is the fact that they are small sites and ours is larger allowing us to have the garage on the site, we do pay $10 a month to park Marks truck up front in the overflow area.  Nobody comes back here so we can do pretty much what we want.  If we decide to come back next year we will ask for the same site.     

Home Sweet Home til Christmas

The CG isn't full yet but by the end of the month it will be.  Basically everyone here is working for Amazon.

It feels good to know that we will be here for awhile.  There isn't much in Fernley other than casinos, Wal-mart and Amazon that I am aware of at this time. 

There is one grocery store along with Wally world which is clean and has good variety but what blew our minds is.....

                   Can you believe it...slot machines right past the check outs, now that is just crazy!!! 
Amazon is right next to Wally world to we decided to go in and introduce ourselves and see if there was any chance that we could start early.  No go, had we been here a week earlier maybe but not now, so we start on the 16th.  It's fine with me, I need time to nest and get organized.

I would like to take a moment to express how blessed we are and thankful to have traveled all this distance without incident.   Both of us have a gaurdian angel, Mark's mom and my dad, thank you both and hope you  enjoyed the trip.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

West Wendover, Utah

We sure hated to leave Green River but we must press on.  Only two more stops and we will be in Frenley.  I must admit both of us are ready to stay put for awhile and so is our pocket book.  We knew it would be expensive with vehicles but it's worth it to us to have what little bit of stuff we still own with us.

Again the country side is always changing.

The mountain roads are not like we are accustom to back home.  These are gentle curves climbing into the sky, not like being on the edge of a cliff.

We kept seeing these signs along 80W as well as gates that will simply close down the interstate during bad weather.  I hope I am not here when they start flashing, Yikes!

Welcome to Nevada

Starting to see some fall color.

Salt Lake City

Seems kind of strange to see such a large body of water out in the desert.

It is abit boring after a while.  Lots of signs reminding you to stay awake as there isn't anything but you and the trains for 100 miles.

Morton Salt factory.  All that white is salt.

Did you know that the Mormons were they first permanent non-Native American settlers in Utah, entering the Salt Lake Valley for the first time on July 24, 1847.

The lake is starting to dry up and turn into the Salt Flats.

What can I say but salty and very flat.  Yes I tasted it.

A solid salt bank.  It would have been cool to see some racing but we there on a Tuesday.

We stayed in Utah in a casino parking lot which was on the Utah side but when you walked into the casino you were in Nevada by only 2 feet.  There isn't much in West Wendover but casinos so we plan to leave early the next day. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flaming Gorge, Utah

What a beautiful place this is.  I enjoyed my coffee looking out at all this wonderful scenery.

 We got the bike out and headed to Flaming Gorge.  Come on along for the ride.

It was nice to see green, it's a sod farm in the valley.

Around every turn there is another beautiful sight.
                                                              I'm starting to see red!
There are no words to describe how beautiful this place is.

                        This is Sheep Creek and you can boondock here, we'll be back someday.
                Can you imagine waking up in the morning and having all of this be your picture window.
                                          We could launch the kayaks right out our front door!

                        Riding on to the Dam you will see more of the reservoir as your elevation gets higher.

                                  On the other side of the mountain the landscape turns to trees.

Right after Cedar Springs you will come across this bridge getting to the Dam.

Such an impressive man made structure.

Sorry no picture of the pillar but I thought it was interesting.  I didn't realize that they measured for movement in the Dam.

On the ride back we checked out several other places that would be good for bondocking along the lake.  We will definitely be back. 

The next day we went into Green River for supplies and then did some sight seeing on the golf cart.  This place is an ATVer's paradise with trails all over.  We may not have an ATV but we have a lift kit making it easier to get around on the bumpy roads.  The roof has to come off to get it in the trailer so we didn't bother putting in back on.

 Mark doesn't pay any attention to the sign and there is no one around to stop him anyway.

The marina is on the left in the above picture.  It was a busy place.

We had planed on leaving the next day but it is so nice here that we will stay another day, Yeah!

Again I will leave you with another beautiful sunset.