Friday, March 8, 2013

Hiking Vulture Peak Trail

Only a few miles from our park is Vulture Peak Trail.  The trail winds through wonderful Sonoran Desert. You will see saguaro, ocotillo, palo verde, jojoba, creosote bush, teddybear cholla, and staghorn cholla along the trail.  Being that is located on BLM land you can dry camp and we seen several campers set up.  You can 4-wheel, horseback ride and hike. It is a short but steep trail that takes you from the base of Vulture Peak (2,480 feet) to a saddle (3,420 feet) just below the summit in only two miles.

We recently had some rain so all the plant life was lush and getting ready to bloom.

I look forward to seeing the desert in bloom as we had missed it last year.
The trail is well marked and maintained but once you start climbing up it becomes more difficult.  We have hiking sticks which made a big difference especially coming down the mountain.
We made it to the saddle but didn't even think about reaching the peak as you would be on all fours climbing almost straight up, plus my middle name is Grace.
This is the saddle.
The view is wonderful from the top and with binoculars you can see Phoenix. 

It was a great day for a hike.  Again you can boondock and then go hiking all in the same location, plus Wickenburg is only a few miles away.
The weather has been abit disappointing this winter.  Waking up to frost and some days the temps don't reach 55 but it has been a cold winter all across the country.  We took a drive to Prescott one day which is about 6,000 feet and were greeted with snow on the return ride.  It was neat to see it but much better to view it on the mountains from our campsite.
Mark is wrapping up the prospecting doing final clean outs and putting away our equipment as we will be flying home mid March.  We are able to leave the caravan setup in our site with the power on for a reasonable price.  My annual Peep Week at North Topsail Beach is the end of March, can't wait to be with my Sistahs again.  Family and friends await our arrival and the days are already filling up with dinner invites and the grandchildren.  It will be good to be back on the East coast.
Thanks for following and make it a great day!