Friday, July 29, 2011

Going Away Party

Our great friends Karen & Stuart Carter gave us a going away party, we were touched that they wanted to do this for us.  Karen is one of my sisters (YSA girls) and is a wonderful cook, she could make an old shoe taste good!  We had pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, sausage dip and watermelon and of course adult beverages.  It was an outdoor garden party and everything was just delightful.  Sorry I don't have more pictures of all the attendees but thanks again to all who came.

                                                        The hostess with the mostest

I was surprised when my sister Julie (YSA) from WV came with her daughter and grand daughter.  Sister Gini was there and Martha and Kari were there is spirit.

Shirley & Dom Mazzeo

Loretta, Tammy, Ellen, Me, Lori & Stephanie - The Pink Flamingos

Farris & Niki

Jeffery & Tammy Waters (My BFF)
Me & Niki

Note the quilt on Karen's bed.  I pieced the top several years ago and never got around to quilting it, when I went through my stuff I decided to give it to Karen because I knew she would quilt it. 
East meets West (Inside joke).
A good time was had by all.  Thanks again Karen & Stuart, you two are the best!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mark's Last Day at Work

Well needless to say this is the day Mark has been waiting for. His official retirement date is Sept 1st but he swapped days with other firemen working their shift and they working his so he didn't have to work the whole month of August. Thank to all the guys that made this possible. It was a very emotional day for Mark. Working the same job for 30 years putting yourself in harms way to help a fellow citizen, seeing alot of things that he cares not to remember and remembering the good times working with his fellow fireman, jokes played on each other and the "Thank yous" from someone he helped.A going away party was held at his station. On duty and off duty fireman came by all day long to wish him well. Mark was overwhelmed with the support from his fellow fire fighters and will remember them always. Thanks for making his last day so special and one that he will never forget.

                             Scott Chadwick, Mark, Robert Bentfield and Gene Holland...The Crew
                                                                 Mark's final words...

There wasn't a dry eye in the station..

.As a side note, when we were going through our stuff we came across my dad's flag that was at his funeral, I have had it for 23yrs. Mark said he wanted to fly it at his station as the flag there needed to be replaced, I thought it was an excellent idea. I had forgotten this bit of information until he reminded me of it later that night, so I rode by the station the next day to get a picture of it. When I pulled in there wasn't a breeze any where, I got my camera ready and up came a beautiful wind, I snap the shot and then the wind disappeared. I felt like Dad was saying "All is good here, go see this wonderful country and enjoy".

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farris' Pool Party & Cornhole Tournment

Farris has an annual Pool Party/Cornhole Tournement and we were lucky enough to attend it this year. 

Play some cornhole, jump in the pool, play some more cornhole, back in the pool. 

Then Mark & I brought out our secret weapon "Gypsy Juice".
Bottoms up!!!  After the juice the competition got a little sloppy which was our plan but we still didn't win.  A good time was had by all and thanks again Farris.  We won't be there next year but I will give you the recipe for Gypsy Juice...

Toby Keith Concert

Our good friend Farris Lenord invited us to the concert and we accepted.  Left Burgaw in the "Shaggin Wagon" and headed to Raleigh with the temps at 107!!!  Upon our arrival people were setting up for tailgating.  Now these folks are serious about their tailgating, cornhole, tents, beer pong, grills and anything else you could imagine.  We had fried chicken and beer while we watched all the activites around us til the gates opened.

We had lawn seats but some how Farris's daughter Blair managed to get us upgraded to real seats...

Eric Church opended for Toby and it was a great show!

                                                                  Made in America
                                                          Thanks Farris for a great time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Operation YSA Surprise Birthday

YSA is an amazing group of sisters that I am lucky to be a member of, we all get together twice a year.  Four of us live in Wilmington, one in VA and the birthday girl lives in Maryland.  A surprise birthday party was planned for Kari with a chicken theme so we all loaded up and headed to Maryland.
Kari wants to have chickens but her better half isn't on board with the idea so the sisters made her chickens that don't have to be attended to.

Once she got to the party we all walked out clucking and flapping our wings

Kari the birthday girl

Kari and Julie are into making miniature houses that are fabulous and have surprised some of us with their wonderful creations.  This house was super with a thyme roof and some of the sisters made rooms and shipped it to Julie for final construction.  This is Kari's sewing room.

Kari was taken back when she saw it and couldn't believe the live roof.  These girls don't miss a beat when it comes to detail.

The orignal plan was to come home on the 3rd but decided to stay another day so we were able to see some fireworks that were being shot off in Kari's neighborhood.  The best view was from Kari's driveway so we got our wine, sat down and watched the show.  I am sure some of her neighbors had something to say to her later about her drunk sisters sitting in her driveway. 

Can't remember what Karen was talking about but I'm sure it was important!
Love that smile on Julie's face
Bottoms up to a great 4th of July weekend with my sisters...