Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Survived Labor Day

One of the ladies that workamps here has season tickets to the Giants games in San Francisco.  She was unable to attend a game and give us her tickets, sweet!  We decided to take the BART into the city as we haven't been on it yet and I have to say we were very impressed with with it, more cities should have such a system. 

AT&T Park - Home of the Giants

Looking down from the top of the stadium to the water below you will see folks in kayaks waiting to retrieve fly balls.

Looking in the other direction you will see only a small portion of the tons of boats that are moored in San Francisco Bay

We had a great time and I am happy to report that the Giants won.  Note the coats people are wearing in August.


We usually work the weekends but I worked for a lady so she owed me a day and I decided to take it on a Saturday.  Chandra is our book keeper and we have developed a good relationship over the months, she likes crafting and thrift stores so you know we get along great.  Well she had never been to Old Sacramento so we made plans to check out thrift stores and a wonderful bead store that I have been to before and then go downtown.  Needless to say we had a great time finding a thrift store that was like a department store and closed down the bead shop.  Then we headed down town taking in the sights and doing some shopping.  It was a awesome day and I will miss Chandra when we leave.  


I have been busy creating jewelry on my days off getting ready for my jewelry party in September.  Mark has been doing some metal detecting and researching where we will be staying once we leave here.  We have enjoyed our time on the Delta but can't wait to hitch up and move down the road.  For us 6 months is too long to stay in one place.  But if you are looking for a job on the Delta be sure to contact the Sugar Barge RV Resort & Marina, Tracy and Dave are great people to work for and are always looking for new workampers.  We arrived here in April when the season just started and we have seen the park packed to full capacity during the summer months and holidays.  Labor Day was our last big weekend and the last weekend that the Bar & Grille was open.  We had two bands playing with standing room only, it was a great success and nice way to end the season for the owners.  Now the fisherman and duck hunters will soon invade the park. 
Tracy and Dave had an Employee Appreciation Beach Bash a week ago.  We all loaded up on the patio boats, a skiff and jet skis and head to a sandy little beach.

A good time was had by all, thank you Tracy and Dave.

  Our friends Sandy and Dale that we visited in Gualala a couple of months ago headed our way when they finished there job.  They really hadn't seen sunshine or warm weather being in the redwoods all summer and I was happy that we had good weather when they arrived.  When they got here we showed them around the park, had cocktail hour, grilled a nice dinner and then sat around the fire.  The next day we took them on a boat ride around the island.  On Friday we had to work so they headed to San Francisco to see the sights before they pulled out on Saturday morning.  We enjoyed their visit and will catch up with them again this winter.

We are always open to new possible opportunities for jobs.  Recently I answered an ad for selling Christmas trees in southern California but when I got the email back I said no thank you.  We couldn't have the rig on site, bad pay and way too many hours.  Our plans are not to work next year and do more prospecting, if we find a glory hole we won't move one inch!  So for now when we leave here we want to be true gypsies going where we want when we want.  Speaking of work some folks we know recently took a job gate guarding in Texas, which is something we have thought about because the money is good but after their report we will cross that off our list.  You should check out their blog report, as it is very eye opening and may change your mind if you have ever thought about doing this kind of work.
Sometimes jobs just don't work out and when they don't you pick up stakes and head on down the road.


                                    I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Mark....

"Oh that's not a good plan".

Note the bunge cord attached to the awaning and then the truck.

                                               Thanks for following and have a good day!