Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi everyone sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Let me catch you up.

The weather kind of reminds me of NC, we had a saying back home-If you don't like the weather wait a day and it will change.  That is true of the Delta.  It has only rained here about 4 days since we have arrived and 3 of those days were in April.  Summer is very dry here and a daily job is watering your grass if you want it to grow.  Now if you are in the Bay area, San Francisco, you will deal with fog alot.  The temps between the Delta and Bay area can vary by 20 degrees.  Mothers day the wind here gusted around 30 mph not making it a nice day.  The Delta gets alot of wind and on some days I wish somebody would turn off the fan.  It doesn't blow every day though making for a very nice days.  Things are warming up though, last Saturday it was 107 with no breeze but in the evening it cools down and is beautiful.  This morning as I am posting the temps have dropped with a high in the 80's making it a welcome change from this past weekend.  We will do more research in the future as to where we plan on staying.  Researching things like wind farms that may be near by.  I am fascinating with them but they are all over in this area and that tells you the wind blows alot.  This area is rich in agriculture and I am amazed at all that is grown in CA.  About a mile from the park there is a field that has wild asparagus and it is so good!  As for my little farm the tomatoes are turning red and I have some peppers as well and look forward to harvesting them.

Memorial week the park was packed and it is fun to see it come alive with happy people enjoying life.  The marina and bar/grill was a bee hive of activity and then on Monday everyone started pulling out making it feel like a ghost town.

 We were asked to work 2 extra days and of course we accepted.  We are suppose to be retired but opportunities keep popping up and we don't know how to say "No".  Mark has worked alot for Jim who I spoke of in my last post.  So on days when he is working outside of the park I keep busy with making jewelry and plan on having a Jewelry Party in the park once I build up more stock. 

                                                   I so enjoy having my jewelers bench.
Barbara, my next door neighbor, and I went on a hike last week a Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch.  The six mile hike was rated moderate but I am here to tell you that it was an understatement.  It was more like straight up but we survived and had a good time enjoying the mountain views.  Black Diamond was mined for coal from the 1850's to the early 1900s.  As California's largest coal mining operation, nearly four million tons of coal ("black diamonds") were mined. 

California is known as the Golden State as the country side turns to a golden color is the summer.

We did come across one snake in the old cemetery which scared the *%$# out of me but thank God we didn't see any other ones as I hate them.

This was very cool in all respects.  As you walked up to the shift you could feel the cool air raising out.

After the hike and some much deserved ice cream we did some Geo Caching.  Barbara has been doing this for awhile so she showed me how to use her GPS and I found my first cache.

This past Saturday night we were treated to dinner by Jim for Mark's birthday.  We ate at Cap's Oak Street Bar & Grill and had a wonderful time.  The food and atmosphere was awesome.  Thank you Jim.

After dinner we walked the park next door to the restaurant and then ran into some folks that were coming out of the restaurant.  We struck up a conversation and the next thing we know we followed them to a very well known liquor store. 

This was a very interesting place.

After the liquor store we all went to The Delta which was a bar/night club and enjoyed spirits, music and new friends.  We had a great evening, as a matter of fact we had since a good evening that all we did on Mark's birthday was get some much needed rest. 

                                               Thanks for following and have a good day.