Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wickenburg AZ With Our Friends

It was a nice drive from Quartzsite to Wickenburg and what made it better was knowing we would have full hookups! I am going to take a shower until I run out of hot water.  We are staying at Westpark which is right in town and has all the amenities.  Our site is right behind our friends and we are backed up to the wash with a great view of the mountains and sometimes coyotes in the wash.

The first few days were spent still recovering from the crud, doing laundry and cleaning the caravan.  The only positive thing that came from being sick was that we both lost weight.  What really made me feel better was getting a phone call informing me that I won an IPad!!!  Yes that's right I entered a drawing with a vendor that we had made friends with at Quartzsite, Axle Crutch is the company that was introducing a new product.  Check it out at

One of our main reasons for coming to Wickenburg besides our friends is prospecting for gold.  If you have been following the blog you know that we prospected last year in Congress AZ and that's where we met our friends.  Now if you also remember one of our friends was Dakota Bob who is serious about prospecting.  Last year he kept saying "If a guy could run more material he would get better gold".  Well Dakota Fred (Gold Rush Show) has nothing on Dakota Bob.  Bob who is from South Dakota built a tremil last summer so he could run more gold and he has been successful. 

Dakota Bob

So first you find your Glory Hole and then start digging.  Once you have 8 buckets and the trommel is running you feed the material on to the conveyor belt.

The material runs up the belt and then is dumped in the trommel to be washed.  Big rocks fall out the back once washed and the small material heads to the sluice box.

The gold gets trapped in the miners moss, the water is collected in the tub below the sluice, small rocks are pulled out of the first tub by an auger.

 The second tub must be kept clean of debris as this water is recycled and then pumped to the next set of boxes where it is filtered to keep it as clean as possible.  Remember you are in the desert and water is precious.  Dakota Bob has a big water tank in the back of his truck that he fills every morning, it sits on the hill and is used for cleaning out the sluice.
This is our glory hole. 
Thanks Dakota Bob for letting us dig with you and use your awesome tremil, your the best!!!
After the clean out the gold rich material is brought home and then run through a separating bowl which leaves you will gold and black sand.  You then pan out the gold and save it in a 1 ounce container. 

Yes this looks like alot of gold but remember the container is half the size of your little finger.

Bob has done well but as I said he takes his prospecting seriously.  Mark and I (more Mark then me)have gotten gold as well but not enough to buy a new rig!  Don't think you are going to come out here and get rich as you will be disappointed but it is alot of fun.  Hey I'd be happy if we could break even with the equipment we have had to buy.  It's the thrill of the hunt, being out in the desert and enjoying nature.


This has been a tough winter for everyone.  It has been cold with freezing temps at night and windy.  The average temps for this area should be in the 70's, some days we are lucky to reach 60.  Today as I am writing this entry the high is 56 with 20mph wind gust.  Last year on this day it was 79!!!  We have had some nice days where we have been able to sit outside, catch some rays and have cocktail hour. 

It doesn't happen often so we take advantage of it when it does.

I will have to say we do have some beautiful sunsets.

Our original plans were to spend one more winter in AZ before we head back to the east coast but that may change as we watch the weather in Florida.  That's whats great about being a Gypsy!!!

The girls and I went to a wine tasting at Nana's in Wickenburg and had a great time.  For $20 you get awesome food and all the wine you can drink.  It was a nice change for me from my two buck chuck!!! 

                                                   Sheral, Jodi, Jimmie and Gypsy Girl.

The girls and I took a road trip to the Tucson Bead Fest in Tucson.  It seemed like every hotel in the city had a bead show going on, it was really over whelming.  I was on the hunt for some tools and a tumbler.  After 3 stops we were finally in the right location and I got everything I needed.  Jimmie's eye was caught by some beautiful chainmaille bracelets.  She ordered a couple of kits and with minimal instruction from me she was off and running.  She has made 3 lovely bracelets and 2 pairs of earrings, go Jimmie.


                                        Last week we all went on a 4 wheel ride in the desert.  We don't have a 4 wheeler but Jimmie and John have a jeep and they made room for us, thanks guys.  There were 5 vehicles on the ride, we drove about 10 miles from the park and then unloaded.

It was a nice day with temps in the 60's.  I was very impressed with how well the jeep did and Johns expert driving, we went any where the 4 wheelers did.

Once we got to the turn around point we headed out in a different direction as the others had to go back to loaded up the 4 wheelers. 

Desert Art

We stopped at a local bar for a cool beverage to clear the dust.  Next we set out for Stanton which is a mining town and is where we all prospected last year.  Once we checked out everyone that was mining we headed back to Wickenburg through some old desert roads stopping in town for more beverages and snacks.  It was a great day in the desert and thank you Jimmie and John for making room for us in your rock climbing jeep.


Us girls went on another road trip to Los Algodones Mexico to do some shopping.  Sharel had never been before so I had to take this picture.

We wandered around some and then found the dentist office where we made appointments for next week.  More shopping

and then some margaritas and food.

We all had a great time, thanks girls.

Well that's about it for now.
  I need to get busy doing my taxes this week and making more jewelery.
Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for following.