Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Page AZ, Antelope Canyon

On the 24th of May we pulled out of Wickenburg AZ headed to the Elks Lodge in Page AZ.  Red rocks along the drive after Flagstaff and you won't know you were in AZ.

$20 a night for electric and water, there is a free dump within a mile.  We stayed over Memorial weekend and were surprised it didn't fill up,  friendly lodge and close to everything.

We hiked part of the Page Rimview trail that is a 9.8 loop and has great views of the River, it was a nice find so close to the city.

Next up was the Glen Canyon Dam. 
It is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River standing 710 feet high and was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from 1956 to 1966 and forms Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S.  The dam is named for Glen Canyon, a series of deep sandstone gorges now flooded by the reservoir, Lake Powell is named for John Wesley Powell, who in 1869 led the first expedition to traverse the Colorado's Grand Canyon by boat.
This is the view of the bridge from the east side.

Looking north from the bridge.

Looking down from the bridge.

Looking south from the bridge, such a beautiful color!

This was taken from a view point further south of the bridge.

Lake Powell taken along Lakeshore Drive in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.
Beneath the lake lie hundreds of ancestral Puebloan dwellings.

Did you know the Colorado River and its tributaries feed much of the water needs for seven states
Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.  The river should flow to the Gulf of California but is often used up before reaching the gulf.


Before Glen Canyon Dam blocked the river above Lees Ferry, all Grand Canyon river trips either began here or stopped here on their downstream run.  For those starting upstream, Lees Ferry was a rest and repair stop, supply point, or in some cases a place of decision as to continue on or stay put.  The settlement was named after John D. Lee, a Mormon settler with 17 wives who established a ferry there in 1871.  The ferry provided the only crossing of the river for nearly 60 years until the Navajo bridge was built a few miles downstream.  
Many of the rafting trips to the Grand Canyon start here and are booked 1.5 years in advance.

On the way to Lees Ferry we past this Balanced Rock.  

The Navajo Bridge is a pair of steel spandrel arch bridges that cross the Colorado River at a height of 466'.  It was built in 1928 but was never intended to carry the heavy vehicles of today so another one was constructed to duplicate the first one.  It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.  The original bridge is now for site seers.

I can't take credit for this picture.

But I did take the next two from both directions, the water is such a beautiful color.

This next picture is of the Vermilion Cliffs taken from the bridge.

Past the Navajo bridge on 89A is a settlement of Cliff Dwellers from the past with remains of a few adobe buildings nestled among crumbling rocks and oddly shaped boulders.  They used what nature provided by building around boulders.  

Horsebend is best photographed in the morning or the evening.  It was a bit cloudy when we went but after a .75 mile hike the clouds broke.   The overlook is 1,000 feet above the river.

There are no guardrails to keep you from falling so pay attention!


The highlight of Page was Antelope Slot Canyon. 
 A slot canyon is a narrow canyon, formed by the wear of water rushing through rock.  The slot canyons are on Navajo land so you have to schedule a tour, I didn't know that but should have, dah!  So I couldn't get us into the upper or lower canyon, but was told at the information center in town that Canyon X is still part of Antelope Canyon just not as famous.  No problem getting tickets and they were cheaper as well.  Our tour guide use to work at upper canyon and told us that due to the volume of people and their schedule you are rushed through.  That's not the case at Canyon X, we were allowed to take our time and the tour guide even took pictures of us.  Another interesting fact was our time to visit.  Later in the rainy season the canyons will fill up with water bringing unwanted guests such as snakes.  Also, during the heat of the summer 4 legged creatures will seek the cool temps the canyons provide, so before the tours begin in the mornings the canyons are checked out before they allow anyone to tour. 

This is a must see, I just love all the texture and colors, nature is amazing!


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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wickenburg AZ For The Winter Season 2017/18

When we left the Rocky Mountains and headed to the Northglenn Elks Lodge in Colorado.  We have been here before, its a good location, a nice lodge and we feel safe leaving the rig there.  On the 12th of September we flew back home to Wilmington to visit family and friends.

Our first stop was to see our new granddaughter Kinzie Mae and her older brother Jaxson.
There is nothing better than the smell of a newborn.
Welcome to the family baby girl.

Reed is our oldest grandson and trying to get a good picture can be tough.
I think he learned it from his Dad.

Enjoyed spending time with my best friend Tammy and my Aunt Ruthie.

My sister-in-law Susan and I planned a family reunion.  The timing worked out great as my nephew and his wife and baby were in town.  It was so nice to see everyone and have them meet the new generation.  I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures.

Hopefully we can do it again!
It was sad to leave everyone but we will be back again.


Once back in Colorado we hitched up the rig and headed to Durango to visit our friends Linda and Greg Thompson.  Our plan was to only spend one night at Walmart in Alamosa Colorado but the wind was blowing a gale so we stayed another night.  The route on 160 takes us over Wolf Creek pass with an elevation of 10,856 and they were having 55 mph wind gusts, better to stay put.

Got to love a Walmart.

We arrived at Linda and Greg's safe and sound and mooch-docked in their driveway.


Downtown Durango with beautiful fall colors and as an added bonus a long hornsteer, don't see that everyday!

Our wonderful hosts took us on a colorful drive to Ouray passing through the San Juan National Forest and Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway.  You better be paying attention when driving this route, with a narrow width, S curves and a lack of guardrails, concentration is key.  The road was originally hand-carved by Russian immigrant Otto Mears in the 1880's to transport ore from Silverton to the railroad in Ouray.  There are several legends why it's called the Million Dollar Highway but one is that it's fill dirt contains a million dollars in gold ore.  

The Bear Creek Falls is a must see near Ouray!

You couldn't ask for better hosts, thank you so much Linda and Greg.


Back on the road we spent the night at the Elks Lodge in Winslow, AZ and then arrived in Wickenburg AZ for the winter.
Once all settled in, Mark got his business up and going and I got back to silversmithing.  Boy it felt good to play with my new toys!  

I would have never dreamed there would be so many opportunities for me to be a vendor in Wickenburg!  I vended at the farmers market, friends of the library craft show, a craft show in our park, an invitational show at the Desert Caballeros Western museum and the club rock and gem show, and Gold Rush Days at the rodeo grounds.  It was a very busy season doing a show every weekend and completing several custom orders!  I greatly appreciate all my customers.

Just a few of the custom orders.


Once a month the town had free concerts in the park that we all enjoyed.


Bob Spears is a great pool player so we all went downtown to support him.


In January we pulled out with our friend Doug headed to Quartzite for the big tent show.  Doug had never been so it was fun see his reaction.  We found a nice spot to boondock all by our selves.  Quartzite is an experience, you have to go at least once.  With the tent show and the rock and gem show going on there is something for everyone.  


In February we took a road trip to San Marcos CA for our great nephews 1st birthday.  Mark's brother Lynn and sister-in-law Susan flew out for the event at my nephews in-laws.  It's always a good time to when we get together with our west coast family Christo, Alida and Andre.  

I'm always so impressed with wind turbines and Palms Springs CA doesn't disappoint.


It's always fun to go for a ride in the desert on the 4 wheelers.  Our friend Doug bought one and gave us a key so we could use it when he was out of town, now that's a great friend!  Bob Spears knows the desert like the back of his hand and took us on an adventure.

I'm not exactly sure how this became my job but it did.  Deoxidizing the rig, waxing and caulking.  The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to keep your rig waxed!  The white on ours is the gel coat and the color is paint.  The gel coat over time will start to oxidize and leave a powdery film.  This has to be removed with a specialized cleaner (I use Metal Lustre and get it on Amazon) and then wax it with turtle paste wax.  It took me 2 weeks to get this job done and was I ever happy when it was over!!!

I have been looking for some new colored globes for my pendant lights but couldn't find any.  So I googled painting them and discovered Krylon sea glass paint, very happy with the results.


Mid April we loaded up Mark's work van to take it back to Wilmington NC.  Last year we left it in Wickenburg for the summer as we were returning back in the fall.  This winter we will be back on the east-coast so we had to get it back there some how.  Mark checked out different options and this plan worked for us.  

Taking turns driving, sleeping in a make shift bed in the back and only one night in a hotel, we drove 2,342 miles in 3 days!
We parked it at our son Ryan's house and he will keep an eye on it for us until we get back.  Actually we will be parked at his house when we return, it's nice having a son that has a big enough space for us!

Our daughter-in-law Mary is due in September with our 5th grandchild.  We rented a house for 10 days and had a gender reveal party.  It was her birthday a few days before we got home so I took her to the nail salon, lunch and then the doctor appointment to find out the gender of the baby.  I was so honored that she asked me to go but had to get the sex given to me in a note, as I was afraid I would give it away before the party.

It's a BOY.

  It was so nice to have the family together again.

My Aunt Ruthie drove down from VA for a visit. 
 So glad she got to meet baby girl.

A few days later we went to the aquarium at fort fisher with the kids.  So fun to see Jaxson amazed at that sights.  

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately it was time for us to head back to AZ.  We sure will miss everyone and these sweet babies weigh heavy on our hearts, but we will be back in October ready to hold our new grandson Nash.


Once back in AZ we started the process of packing up getting ready to move.  The park had pretty much emptied out as most folks left the end of April.  It was kind of nice to have the place to ourselves, so we took advantage of it and had a going away party.  We sure will miss everyone next year but will hold the memories close and actually see some of you this summer.

Bye Doug and we will see you this summer in Washington.


Thanks for following our travels!

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