Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Making Some Extra Dollars

Man time flies when you are busy.  Anybody that knows Mark and I knows that we are hustlers, if an opportunity presents it self to make an extra dollar we are on it.  About 2 weeks after we got here I received a call from a Merchandising company that I did work for in the past.  They needed somebody to go to 14 Target stores and put coupons on 7 grocery items within the next 3 weeks, sign me up!  Our workamper days were Tuesday and Wednesday so I did the stores on my off days.  I completed the job in 2 1/2 weeks working 6 days a week, it was easy work but I like being retired better.  During my travels I have passed through two wind farms which I find awesome.  But I have also noted that if you are around wind farms the wind must blow often as it does on the Delta, I am told we will wish the wind was blowing come this summer.

 In the mean time we made friends with a long term resident here in the campground that is a cabinet maker and a hustler himself.  He said he could use a hand once in awhile and Mark told him he would be happy to help.  So on mothers day weekend he helped with a moving job.  Next we were asked by the management if we would be willing to work an extra day for pay as one of the workamper couples had to leave for 2 weeks.  Sign us up!  After the job I did with Target it was nice just to walk over to the office and start work as opposed to driving to work.  So last week we worked our regular Tuesday/Wednesday, had Thursday off and worked Friday/Saturday.  This week we will work Thursday-Saturday, not sure if this will be our permanent schedule as all things are subject to change.  It's a transition going from several sources of income down to 1 pay check a month and since the house didn't apprise for what it was under contract for we were left with a payment on Marks truck and we want to get it paid off. 

Even with all this work we have still had a good time attending happy hours, meeting new people, enjoying the restaurant that open 2 weeks ago and life in general.  It is important to enjoy your days to the fullest as you never know what can happen.

 Last week around 1am Mark heard someone outside crying for help, he was out of the bed and out the door in a flash.  A woman across from us told him that her husband had fallen and was bleeding.  He went inside their motor home to find the gentleman on the floor in the bathroom, with Mark's experience as a fireman for 30 years he knew the man had suffered from a stroke or aneurysm.  Mark did what he could for the man as I called 911 but by the time they had arrived he was gone.  Mark was by his side and observed his last breath.  Now came the job of dealing with the wife.  The couple was camping for the weekend with their club and reported that he had enjoyed a good day.  He had a history of a heart attack and strokes, he was 83.  May God be with him and his family.  It was a long night trying to help this woman through a terrible time.  I am just thankful that Mark heard her cries.

Mark has been doing some maintenance cores.  The electric hot water heater went out, the problem part was located, ordered and installed.  With Mark doing the work he probably saved us a good $175.  I am sorry to report that the golf cart is out of commission, we apparently have a bad bearing.  Mark and Larry took it apart yesterday, trouble is we can't get the old bearing out yet.  We sure do miss the cart and it is now on the top of the list.

On Friday the park owner unloaded several flats of flowers to be planted by Mark and Bruce.  Well  Mark doesn't have a clue when it comes to planting flowers.  I have to admit I was laughing inside when I seen him driving around in his cart with the flowers.  To be sure he will kill them and the beds needed to be weeded and turned over.  He was kept busy all day with no time to do planting so I surveyed the situation on Friday night. 

Note the glass of wine on the right, it was Mark's job to make sure it was full at all times.

To be honest I was dying to get my hands in the dirt and create something, which deep down he knew this too.  So he did some of the general weeding of the beds, got me what ever I needed and by Sunday afternoon I was done. 

The butterflies were happy with the new flowers.

The park is full this weekend for Memorial Day and there will be a band at the restaurant/bar.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

I will leave you with this.

                                                    Live each day like it was your last...