Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fall 2021 San Antonio TX

 The Gypsies are back on the road headed to NC to visit family, friends and bring back the little camper.

Road runner made out of recycled objects just west of Las Cruces NM at rest stop off 10.

Pecos Bill, in Texas, is to the Southwest what Paul Bunyan is to Northern Minnesota and Maine. He is a bigger than life figure captured in a statue of him riding a dust devil holding onto a rattlesnake. There are these 7-foot tall brightly painted boots throughout the town. “Fun Fact”-as Sheldon would say, Pecos held the first rodeo!

2,193 miles and we have arrived safely in Leland NC.


Upon getting back we got busy shutting down Mark's RV business.  First up was selling his van and we got really lucky.  Went back to the dealership we bought it from, and they bought it back!  I started listing things on Marketplace and we were able to move a lot of stuff.  

Enjoying time with my fabulous Aunt Ruthie, she is the toughest woman I know, always my inspiration ❤️.

Spent a nice day thrift storing and then lunch downtown on the riverfront with Lori.

The grandkids will have grown inches by the time we see them next.

The Gypsies are locked and loaded, just pulled out of Ryanville! Headed back to Tucson AZ for the winter 🌵. Thanks, son, for everything 😘.
11 October


I enjoy seeing the river boats and barges, Lanett, Al.

We landed at the Elks Lodge in Opelika, Al for the night.
The Gypsies have arrived safe and sound in Atchafalaya, LA. Waiting for the swamp people to show up with some gators.

The next day we landed at the Elks Lodge in Katy, TX.
Took off from there and made it to Travelers World Sun RV Park in San Antonio, TX.  This was an area we always wanted to experience and we a finally doing it.  This is a great park for exploring as there is a city bus stop across the street.

Started the day out visiting the Mission Concepcion and then proceeded to The Alamo. Then did the Riverwalk which is beautiful and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Left downtown and had lunch then went to Mission San Jose which is super impressive, the bride and groom were having pictures taken. Went inside looked around and the bottom dropped out with rain, so I guess you could say it is still protecting folks. This really is a fun location.

The Mission is a popular location for wedding photos. We always enjoy visiting the missions.


Today we went back downtown to see more of the city, the weather was finally pleasant as yesterday was very hot and humid. Went to Hemisfair Park to check out the Tower of Americas. Standing at 633’, It was built in 1968 for the Hemisfair World's Fair that celebrated San Antonio's 250th anniversary. We walked some more of the Riverwalk, but it was packed with people, some much better on a weekday! Peeked in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church that was beautiful, the stained-glass work was mesmerizing. Walked the streets checking out the architecture was nice as there were less people. Decided to head back to the camper and enjoy the weather, in front of our bus stop stood the Tower Life Building. Construction of the building began in 1927, it rises 404 feet and has 31 floors. It was the city’s tallest building for almost 60 years and housed the first Sears, Roebuck and Company store in San Antonio. Unfortunately, it isn’t open to the public anymore but still very impressive.

At dinner at Southern BBQ and Kitchen, it was excellent, and we highly recommend it.  Also ate the previous day at Lum's BBQ which was really good too.  


Left San Antonio and made it to Fort Stockton, TX and stayed at the Hilltop RV Park.

The next day we stayed at the Elks Lodge in Las Cruces, NM.  We will be home in Tucson tomorrow!

Thanks for following our travels!

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Provo UT, Colorado and Arizona

 We left Sturgis headed to Wyoming to visit our friends in Thyane.  The east side of Wyoming is very boring.  Spent the night at the Wind River Casino in Riverton, electric only and no water available.

Got ready to leave in the morning and the satellite dish wouldn't go down!  It's 11 years old, but you certainly cannot drive down the road with it up.  Mark removed it and we will have to deal with it later.

We arrived safely after a beautiful drive through the Tetons to Thayne WY. The eastern side of WY was boring but once we left Riverton it was amazing.

Arrived at Star Valley Ranch Resort where our friends Paul and Tammy have a lot and just got their park model delivered.  

We have enjoyed our time playing pickle ball, constructing the gazebo, checking out the sites and catching up, see you this winter in Tucson.


Left the next morning early as we were headed to the Elks Lodge in Provo Utah.  We have stayed here before, and the spots fill up quick.  50 amp and full hookups for $20.  We scored the best spot!

               We made fast friends with the couple parked next to us, Beckie and Chuck Jones.

Mark did a ton of research and replaced the satellite dish with a different one from the original one that we had.  The company that makes it is based right in Provo.

The smoke from the wildfires was really bad for a few days but finally cleared.

Located a nice disc golf course in a valley.

Provo canyon is so pretty with waterfalls and a nice walking trail.  


Left Provo on the 6th of September headed to Green River.  Leaving Provo on Highway 6 the mountains and scenery are so pretty.

Found some cool oddities in Green River Utah. Titled ‘Elements’ this structure comprises four 10-meter-high columns, one topped in 23-carat gold, representing the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. "The Ratio" is based on the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical concept of universal significance similar to the Golden Ratio of science and mathematics. 44 feet high and 42 feet wide and topped by a golden square. The structures, part of Rogers' "Rhythms of Life" project, are found in deserts, fjords, gorges and national parks. The giant watermelon slice is 25 feet long, built in the 1950s to take part in the town's Watermelon Days (now called the Melon Days) festival. Went to the museum and then had lunch at this great place “Ray’s”, wonderful atmosphere, cold beer and friendly folks. Oh, it’s the only bar in town! Get out there and explore.


Left Green River headed to Mancos CO where we have friends, Kate and Roger.  We met them in Florida 7 years ago, when they first hit the road.  It's been 3 years since we saw them last, and they are building a house.

They have hookups which is very accommodating!

It's my Birthday so of course we found a Mexican restaurant.

We have friends in Durango which is only 30 minutes away from Mancos.  Linda and Greg have their own disc gold course, so we had to play a few rounds.  Always good to see them!

We helped the Mancos Trails group create a new trail that has been in the making for a while with Kate and Roger.  It was a great experience.

Left Mancos CO headed to Gallop NM for the night then onto Show Low, AZ.

All setup in Show Low AZ. Gotta love friends that have friends. Thank you, Barb and Larry, for hooking us up with this great spot! We work camped with them in California.

Spent a few days visiting and then headed onto Mesa, AZ where Larry Weisgerber hooked us up again with a spot for a couple of days. Big shot out to Mark for getting a square peg in a round hole! Can’t open one slide but that’s okay as it puts Mark only a few feet in front of the TV!

Thanks again Larry and Barb!
Left Mesa headed to our winter location at Western Way RV Resort in Tucson!

All setup for the winter. My tooth was bothering me in Mesa, and I ended up having to have it pulled. After that we loaded up the dully and headed to Leland NC to get our little camper and shut down Marks RV Repair business.

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